Thursday, November 08, 2012

Daily Blend: Thursday, November 08, 2012

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Bill O’Reilly
Bill O’Reilly
  • While President Obama has retained his job, it’s important to continue pressuring him to do much, much better on civil liberties and other Constitutional issues.

  • U.S. Bank sends militarized cops to evict Colorado woman who couldn’t pay her mortgage and Occupy activists protesting the move.
    (via Uzza)

  • Claudia at Friendly Atheist provides some solid answers to some anti-abortionist questions for pro-choicers.

  • It’s so sad (and infuriating) how a man [pictured] who earned 99% of a perfect score on his SATs could wind up as the elite-hatin’ bullshit-daddy of Fox News. A living cautionary tale that playing to your audience costs your soul.

  • And finally, because she’s awesome, here’s Rachel Maddow’s fascinating breakdown of the election night results:
    (via Joe. My. God.)

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