Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A quick note about Disqus vs. Blogger comments

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When I installed Disqus on this blog, the original requirement was that I keep the default Blogger-platform comments open for the Disqus system to override them. Unfortunately, while this worked just fine most of the time, every now and again I find a slice of spam (or the occasional unlucky commenter) has somehow slipped under Disqus and left a message on the old Blogger system, forcing me to manually repost it into Disqus using my account (thus defeating the purpose of installing the new platform with its comment filtering options in the first place).

Since installing Disqus, though, it appears that the requirement to keep Blogger-platform comments open has vanished, and after a bit of testing, I’ve found that Disqus still works perfectly under posts with Blogger comments disabled. As a result, I have permanently disabled and hidden all Blogger-platform comments on this blog, both to deter any more spam and to encourage readers to use the intended commenting system.

That is all. Now go forth and Disqus!