Friday, October 26, 2012

Daily Blend: Friday, October 26, 2012

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Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter
  • The Twitter staff reveals their utter uselessness in dealing with death threats. I understand that they can’t do much with vague statements from random nobodies, but they could at least pretend to give a damn.

  • Kook vs. kook: You know you’re being a weapons-grade asshole [pictured] when Michelle Malkin is right to call you out on it.

  • I am officially dumbfounded that a campaign as incompetent as to produce this galling travesty of a faked image is actually a possible contender for the White House.

  • I don’t think these kids are ready to graduate just yet. (Hint.)

  • And finally, this stalwart bridge will advise you on just how tall your vehicle should be to pass under it:
    (via Roger Ebert's Journal)

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