Friday, October 26, 2012

And you will know the wingnut by their inability to write

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John Rocker
John Rocker

John Rocker is a former Major League Baseball pitcher who was canned after revealing his inner bigot. This obvious assault by the PC police has naturally resulted in a new writing gig at the WorldNetDaily, that haven for sub-literate kooks and cranks of all flavors, and Rocker seems keen to fit right in by spouting masterpieces of word-salad English like this:

We haven’t quite reached the level of expectable in the American mentality as it relates to the deterioration of individual responsibility and its replacement by the proverbial government crutch, but rest assured that day is just around the corner.

That’s just pure gold right there. Are these people just immune to dictionaries, or has some schoolhouse trauma permanently impaired their memories of English class? There are only so many explanations to account for writing that bad. And the pseudo-intellectual flair just clinches it.

Be sure to read the rest, if you can stomach it. At least the idiocy is overshadowed by the guaranteed hilarity.

(via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)