Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Today in atheist assholery

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Scarlet ‘A+’ of Atheism Plus

It’s not as if we needed more evidence that a large motivator behind the raging anti-feminism/anti-Atheist+ divide that’s thrown swaths of the atheo-skeptic movement into turmoil is latent sexism mixed with garden-variety assholery. But watch them continue to crawl out of the woodwork every time someone dares point out an example of inappropriate conduct as if their very sense of manhood were under attack by the Jackbooted Feminist Posse.

Meanwhile, it appears that Jennifer McCreight, whose blog is still on hiatus after having been driven away by all the unspeakable vitriol thrown her way by victims of hurt male pride, has effectively become the new lightning rod aside Skepchick Rebecca Watson, a useful (if horribly Pyrrhic) role for attracting all the hate-spewing riffraff that infests the godless community. Here’s what happened as a result of Jen posting this benign tweet yesterday:

Immediately, the forces of unreason descended upon her by proclaiming Masturbating Homeless Guy’s (MHG) right to jerk it in public:

It’s apparently inconceivable to these people that MHG might have had the option to relocate to a more secluded area for his intimate business. Of course, there’s the possibility that he was mentally ill, or perhaps gets off on exhibitionism, but the point remains that what he did was grossly inappropriate (not to mention illegal) and that being without a home, tragically unjust as it is, doesn’t magically result in the total loss of basic human decency.

An annoyed Jen responded:

And here’s where things get really stupid:

Because everyone should totally be okay with seeing some random dude wank in plain sight of passers-by.

It’s now an expression of “privilege” not to be okay with strangers exposing themselves on the street? And again, this idiot doesn’t seem to think that there’s anywhere else in the city where people could do things without being in plain sight of regular commuters.

And then, of course, we have the ever-rational and not-at-all-pathologically-obsessed anti-Atheist+ brigade, who reacts to Jen’s displeasure with direct exhibitionism with all the integrity and charm we’ve come to know them by:

There are some days when even the staunchest pacifist just yearns to give in to their inner barbarian and go all Homer Simpson on these assholes. Apparently, in the grotesque caricature of reality they inhabit, accidentally launching a satirical protest concerning female body parts bars her from ever having the right to complain about unwanted indecent exposure by anyone else ever again. And doing so just means she hates homeless and mentally ill people. Because she vaguely mentioned some dude on Twitter without identifying him and described an inappropriate (and, again, illegal) act he committed in public.

Bastions of rational thinking, aren’t they?

And of course, when Jen had the sheer gall to call them out for continuing to harass her despite her chronic depression (on World Mental Health Day, no less):

Right. And I’m sure the vituperative jackasses who’ve been persecuting her and other outspoken feminists in the atheosphere for years because they dared to speak out against gender inequality have nothing to do with the origins of all this “drama” in the first place. Maybe Colquitt ought to follow his own advice, as soon as he finishes ripping up his humanity card. It’s clearly of little use to him.

Of course, the reality, as Jen herself notes, is that chances are none of these poisonous toadies actually give the slightest rat’s ass about homeless or mentally ill people, much less Masturbating Homeless Guy. They would almost certainly react the same way Jen did if they came across some random vagrant flouting his junk for the world to see – by leaving a passing complaint or two on the Internet. Instead, they just saw Jen’s original tweet as their latest excuse to jump on something perfectly innocent she said and mangle the ever-loving fuck out of it until they could hold up its torn, desecrated remains as a new rallying call for other moral degenerates in the area to join them in their neverending dick-wagging contest. And there is no greater proof of this than the sheer, unbridled venom they spray towards anyone who dares to tell them how badly they’re behaving.

Will there ever come a day where I won’t be so embarrassed by other members of my species as to wish science would hurry up and find a way to divorce myself from humanity altogether?