Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Daily Blend: Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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Image macro: Toppled plastic chair: “MONTREAL EARTHQUAKE 2012: WE WILL REBUILD”
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So it turns out that little shake I tweeted about last night actually was a 4.5 quake that hit the region. [pictured] It’s only the second earthquake I remember feeling. The important thing is everyone’s okay [pictured].

  • Newsweek derps again, publishes doctor’s typical “experience with the afterlife” as proof that “heaven is real”. Rational thinkers everywhere facepalm.

  • Swedish school lunch lady ordered to make her food less good to avoid making students at other schools jealous. Because that’s the real problem – cafeteria food that’s too tasty.
    (via @RadleyBalko)

  • PETA attacks Pokémon for encouraging animal cruelty (!), succeed in “wast[ing] everybody’s time while simultaneously proving [they] don’t know what the hell [they]’re talking about. Again”.

  • And finally, reveals a few key details that were (in)conveniently left out of big news stories. (Spoilers: Vioxx is awesome and Hooker Chemical is an innocent scapegoat.)

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