Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Housecleaning: Swapping old image hosts for a while [updated ×2]

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Imageshack frog logo

I mentioned earlier this year that image hosting service ImageShack, which I originally used for this blog’s graphic content before later switching to the superior (if downtime-prone) Imgur, had suddenly imposed limits on the number of images that could be uploaded to free accounts such as mine. As a result, starting on November 01, the 500-max limit will be enforced with the rest of my uploaded content being deleted from their servers, causing a large number of pictures on older posts to go dark.

And so, I’m now launching into a conversion campaign, locating and re-uploading each ImageShack-hosted image to Imgur, which I expect will take me anywhere from a week to the rest of my natural life (and possibly beyond). And that’s if I can get bloody Imgur to work. (There seems to be a curse on me that makes that site undergo “planned maintenance” or otherwise screw up every damn time I need to use it. Notice how I haven’t been able to upload the corner image yet.) (Edit: IT LIVES!) (Re-edit: No, it doesn’t. See below.)

I wonder how many bloggers put as much effort into pointless technicalities as I do.

UPDATE: 10/09/12 7:27 PM ET —

Naturally, it turns out Imgur’s been down all day, according to its Twitter feed, which means my plans are grudgingly postponed for the time being.

UPDATE #2: 10/09/12 9:02 PM ET —

Now it lives! Unfortunately, having just realized how many hundreds of images I’d have to manually and individually replace, I’m effectively scrapping the project altogether. Let the older posts go image-less; their content will be unaffected.