Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Cop deals with scared, possibly “threatening” dog the right way

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In case all those doggycide reports get you down, here’s another case where a police officer deals with a frightened and possibly aggressive dog that’s on the loose without even moving to unholster his weapon:

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Plattsburg, MO police officer and self-proclaimed “dog-lover” Nick Sheppard responds to a call about a dog with its leg stuck in a chain link fence. The large pooch appears scared and possibly in pain, prompting Sheppard to hesitate and wonder whether the animal may be aggressive. But he nonetheless cuts the dog’s leg free, and the animal runs off out of sight.

Sheppard then looks around for the dog and finds it sitting in the driver’s seat of his patrol car, just chilling and looking happy.

Kudos to Plattsburg, Missouri officer Nick Sheppard for doing the right thing and breaking the wearisome pattern of law enforcement agents responding to potentially threatening animals with immediate lethal force. (And a doggy bone to that pooch for being almost bizarrely prescient.)

(via Dogs Shot by Police | Facebook)