Monday, September 24, 2012

Why you should use Blogger: A neat infographic

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Amanda Kennedy at Blogger Buster has been an invaluable resource for tutorials and reference guides regarding customizing Blogger blogs, with the vast majority of my knowledge originating from her many tutorials. She’s now come out with a neat (if somewhat cluttered) infographic detailing just why it continues to be one of the most popular blogging services out there, and by far my favorite:

Infographic (excerpt): 76.8 million Blogger blogs; 100% uptime (over last year); completely free service; fully customizable HTML/CSS; intuitive and simple; etc.
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Not to go all shill and stuff, but seriously, anyone looking into starting a blog should definitely check it out. Speaking as someone who’s tried out a few other free blogging platforms (including, the free variant of the self-hosted, nothing else comes even close to the level of control that Blogger grants its users right from the start, especially with the utterly countless third-party add-ons available like widgets, javascript functionality, Disqus/IntenseDebate, etc.

(It’s also nice knowing your blog is hosted on a massive server farm that would require nothing short of a well-placed meteor to disable, wannabe hackers be damned.)