Monday, September 24, 2012

Police inexplicably subdue aggressive dog without shooting it

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Pitbull eating raw meat
Meat: It’s the new bullets

Scenario: A “mean-looking pitbull” has taken to a Chattanooga, Tennessee family’s front porch and refuses to leave, holding them captive inside. Police are called in. What happens next may shock you:

The family said they had repeatedly called the McKamey Animal Center for help. A police officer had the police dispatcher try to get through to the animal center.

Meanwhile, the family was able to hand some meat to the officer and he used it to lure the pitbull to his patrol car. When the dog jumped in the back, he quickly slammed the door.

McKamey officers then arrived and collared the fierce dog. Neighbors said they do not know where the dog came from.

That’s right: Officers got rid of a legitimately aggressive animal – a pitbull, to boot – without unholstering a single firearm or spilling even one drop of blood, canine or otherwise.

Maybe they ought to give a seminar for other police departments. I’d vie for mandatory attendance.

(via The Agitator)