Thursday, September 20, 2012

Romneybot flip-flops on own skin color

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“Terminator” T-101 head
1040 head (prior to bodily attachment and sans organic covering)

The Cyberdyne Systems Model GOP-1040, codenamed “ROMNEY”, currently on loan to the U.S. Republican Party and programmed to try and win the presidency, appears to have a number of A.I. faults that prevent it from becoming accepted as genuine amongst human ranks, thus critically hindering its mission. The most glaring of these is an apparent loose switch in the 1040’s neural decision-making cortex, which has the unseemly effect of making ROMNEY appear to change its mind on any given issue, no matter how fundamental, in order to pander to whatever fickle audience may be present at any given time.

But more worrisome is the latest incident, which occurred during yesterday’s presidential forum hosted by Latino broadcaster Univision, when a particularly severe system glitch appeared to affect ROMNEY’s very self-identity, causing its own flesh pigmentation matrix to cater to his audience’s perceived desires by morphing from “White” to “Hispanic”:

Comparison: Mitt Romney during previous speech vs. Mitt Romney at Univision forum (with noticeably “browner” facial skin)
Session note: Model 1040 also needs corrective training regarding awkward, overly “robotic” posture.

The astute observer will note that possible claims of lighting tricks or other optical illusions are belayed by the color composition of ROMNEY’s hands, which somehow retained their original pale pigmentation setting, thus creating a sharp contrast with its facial covering.

The 1040 is expected to be returned to Cyberdyne headquarters ASAP for emergency recalibration.

(via @todayspolitics)