Saturday, September 15, 2012

Maddow takes on “Obama is secretly gay” wingnut claims

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You know your latest conspiracy theory is particularly crazy when even most of the conservative loonisphere prefers to stay mum on the issue. But of course, that’s not stopping that all-star repository of wingnut fervor, the WorldNetDaily, from advancing the newest anti-Obama fad: that he’s secretly gay! Rachel Maddow takes a particularly amused look at their claims:

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RACHAEL MADDOW: This is one of my favorite places on the Internet: the WorldNetDaily, sometimes referred to as “WorldNutDaily”. It’s the ultra-conservative, super-Right-wing conspiracy theory website that has made a cottage industry out of investigating whether President Obama is maybe secretly foreign!

WorldNetDaily is Birther Central. The website store has made seemingly considerable money pushing at deep discounts the book Where’s the Birth Certificate?. The author of Where’s the Birth Certificate? is named Jerome Corsi, and he’s essentially the in-house Birther on the WorldNetDaily’s writing staff.

Last spring, when President Obama released a copy of his long-form birth certificate, it essentially gutted the thin credibility of WorldNetDaily’s central mission. And that meant that Jerome Corsi needed a new reason to get out of bed every morning. And Jerome Corsi has now found one. Oh, yes. Of course he did. Did you think they would give up on this?

In recent weeks, Jerome Corsi has written a handful of articles alleging that Barack Obama, the secretly Kenyan, secretly Muslim, only-maybe-the-President guy, is also secretly gay! Yes, of course.

Look at this; this is amazing:

A prominent member of Chicago’s homosexual community claims Barack Obama’s participation in the “gay” bar and bathhouse scene was so well known that many who were aware of his lifestyle were shocked when he ran for president and finally won the White House.

And of course, he won the White House only because he had one of fis former gay lovers killed and another one paid off to buy his silence!

Birtherism: It’s not just for geography anymore.

Here's what Jerome Corsi and WorldNetDaily now say is their evidence that President Obama secretly has the gay. They say long before he married Michelle Obama, he used to wear a ring on the fourth finger of his left hand. Since that finger can only wear a wedding ring, that means he was secretly married! And that means he was secretly married, then, well, if he was secretly married, it must mean he was secretly gay married? Yeah, okay.

One source telling the WorldNetDaily that when he met Barack Obama at Occidental College in 1980, his “gaydar” went off. He believed Mr. Obama and his college roommate were lovers. Gay!

PHOTO: College-age Barack Obama and Pakistani roommate sitting casually, cross-legged, on a sofa.

MADDOW: Just look at this photo of Obama and his roommate that’s been posted on the website of another one of WorldNetDaily’s main sources. Straight males don't sit on sofas together like this! Gay!

PHOTO: Florida pizzeria owner bear-hugging President Obama.

MADDOW: Straight men also don't let Florida pizza shop owners pick them up like this! Gay!

Straight men do play golf – in foursomes – but when Barack Obama does it with young male staffers? Gay!

Every President of the United States in the modern era has mad a male personal assistant, a so-called “body man”, but when President Obama has a “body man”, that’s code for “boyfriend”. Gay!

Kal Penn, the actor who used to work at the White House? They say he was another one of President Obama’s secret gay boyfriends. Why else would anybody leave Hollywood, particularly West Hollywood, to go work at the White House? Gay! Gay, gay, gay, gay! WorldNetDaily says so.

Now, the President’s gonna have to unveil his straight certificate. The long-form one. (Love these people.)

The President is a living, walking Rorschach test for the far-Right’s delusions.

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