Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It’s another movie about phony Christian persecution!

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It’s a day that ends with ‘day’, so that means it’s time for a new scrap of brainless propaganda movie about how the evil atheists are forcing the U.S. government to strip Christians of their inalienable rights to religious freedom and happiness and bringing their Bibles to school. Just watch this trailer and try to keep track of the well-known canards as they’re rattled off like so many feverishly clutched pearls:

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Militaristic drumbeat. A woman drops a crucifix into a young soldier’s hand. A man, BOB REVERE, hugs him.

We then see some soldiers in a battlefield with bullets landing everywhere; generic combat pandemonium. At the end, a woman sobs, ‘No!’.

TITLE: Battles have been Fought

BOB REVERE: [lecturing from rooftop to small audience below] 400 years ago, our forefathers left the religious oppression of another land to build this one. And the first thing was to put a cross on the shores of the Atlantic.

TITLE: But the War has just Begun

CHRIS (V.O.): What did my dad die for, Bob?

REVERE: That’s what happens in war.

CHRIS: No, I mean why’d he die?

TITLE: When the Bible is Outlawed

SCHOOL PRINCIPAL slides item over his desk to the assembled family.

PRINCIPAL: We found this in Chris’s locker.

REVERE: Is there an actual rule that says you can’t bring a Bible to school?


REVERE: [on rooftop] My fight is about freedom and taking back what has been stolen from us.

TITLE: When the Cross is an Offense

REVERE: [in bed, to wife] Did you really think that you’d see the day when people were offended by a cross in public?


TITLE: When Christmas is a crime

MAN #1: We are talking about the separation of church and state.


SISTER: It’s a lie if we don’t tell the real Christmas story.

REVERE: [on rooftop] Our rights are being destroyed, perhaps forever. But don’t you see? We’re letting it happen.

TITLE: Each Person Can make a Difference

(Miscellaneous Americana: Flags, motorcycles, etc.)

TITLE: When Rights are being Destroyed

REVERE: [at group meeting] Our freedoms are being taken away from us one by one.

TITLE: Faith provides the Courage to Take Stand

CUT TO: In a pharmacy?

MAN #2: [whispering] You’re all over the Internet!

REVERE: Well, I’m very tired of not standing up for what I believe in.


Kids sitting in an attic.

GIRL #1: Won’t we get in trouble for this?

SISTER: Yes. We will.

TITLE: Freedom has a Price

Revere appears to be arrested by meany-faced lawyer and is seen behind bars.

TITLES: Are You | Willing } To Pay it?

REVERE: [on rooftop] Wake up and look around ya! Look what’s coming over the horizon!


Revere hoists up “JESUS [something]” cross on side of building.

TITLE: And Stand Up

REVERE: [on rooftop] We can’t let the enemy take one more inch! Not one more inch!

Bunch of people unite their hands.

REVERE: [on rooftop] We fight for freedom!

TITLE: Before it's too Late

REVERE: [on rooftop] We fight for freedom!

MAIN TITLE: Last Ounce of Courage

You can just smell the lies right through your screen. I especially liked the one about the Bible being banned in public schools. As if students couldn’t bring whatever reading material they like to class, including religious texts. And as if there hadn’t been enough bloody court cases establishing this over the years. These people are simply and truly unable to adhere to the truth – presumably because they know that doing so will annihilate their argument right from the start.

You also have to love the very first line: “Four hundred years ago, our forefathers left the religious oppression of another land to build this one.” Which is immediately followed by: “And the first thing they did was to put a cross on the shores of the Atlantic.” There’s shooting yourself in the foot, and then there’s just blasting the limb right off with a shotgun.

Why is it that the same people who spend all this time, energy and money on decrying the supposedly crumbling state of religious liberty are always the same who do their damnedest to undermine everyone else’s religious liberty in the first place? And why are they always so obvious about it to everyone but themselves?

At any rate, we could always use a new official “War on Christmas” movie, now that Christmas with a Capital C apparently turned out to be not quite as bad as its marketing led us to believe.

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