Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Donohue uses Libyan riots to whine about persecuted Catholics

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The whole thing with the murderous riots overseas that were triggered by some moronic Islamophobic online film erupted when I was alternating between sleep-deprived yesterday and snoozing this morning, so I pretty much missed all of it. As a result, everything worth saying about the matter has already been shared and discussed all around the Net, so I have absolutely nothing new or interesting to contribute.

It’s only too bad, however, that the same could not be said of the Catholic League’s perennial martyr, Bill Donohue:

The man is fundamentally unable to ever give it a bloody rest.

Fine, then. Here’s the thing, Bill: The moment one of those “anti-Catholic films” starts portraying all Jesus-worshipers as depraved goat-fucking hillbillies and triggers international outrage and deadly outbursts of violence, then you’ll have a point. As it is, those videos you love to bluster over are limited to making jokes of various crudity about nuns and perhaps occasionally mentioning the existence the Catholic Church’s little clerical-child-molestation-and-systematic-cover-up problem. If that’s all it takes to win your ire, then some might say it isn’t random filmmakers who have issues, here.