Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How dare a father defend his daughter from hateful stupidity?

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Scarlet ‘A+’ of Atheism Plus

It’s quite rare that I’m driven to blog about something purely out of emotion, especially anger. But some people take bullying idiocy to such ridiculous levels of raw, unfettered assholery that I feel compelled to reach out and rhetorically slap them around a few times, if only to quench my thirst for catharsis. And nothing brings more of these flaming morons crawling out of the woodwork than the sexist hysteria that’s been tearing at the seams of the atheist movement for the last few years.

You see, the currently-resting Jen McCreight from Blag Hag has a father who occasionally tries out his blogging legs, posting mostly about his perspective as a former teacher and golf addict. Recently, he dusted off his little niche after months of inactivity to publish a defense of his daughter in the face of all the insane crap she’s had to deal with, crap that piled up to the point of driving her away in the first place. (His post does include an unfortunately physical passage, but that’s evidently just the emotion talking, no more genuine a threat than anytime anyone else says the same in passing.)

Now, there are two ways one might interpret McCreight Sr.’s post: An impassioned, if somewhat inflamed, declaration of love and support for his daughter combined with a call for civility and fair play in the face of vehement disagreement … or an incompetent white-knighting fool attempting to swoop in and rescue a persecution-crying brat who needs her daddy to protect her from all the poor, persecuted hard-truth-tellers whose windpipes she’s so mercilessly crushed with her feminazi jackboots.

If Mike McCreight’s post strikes you as the former, then congratulations – you’re a decent human being equipped with a grasp of basic English. But if you instead see the latter, then you might just be someone like WoolyBumblebee at Is God a Squirrel?, who devotes an entire diatribe to calling Jen’s father an “abject failure” who never taught his childish, emotional daughter how to weather years’ worth of constant abuse from the slimy underbelly of the Internet:

But, some parents are abject failures, such as Jen McCreight's father. He has written a short blog post for and about Jen. He has come to her rescue, like a parent does for their small child, only Jen is not a child... She is an adult. Well, an adult in the sense that she is over 18 and looks older than 12. But apparently she still needs daddy to come to her rescue when she gets emotional. She still needs daddy to kiss her boo-boos and frighten the monsters away. She needs this because her daddy failed as a parent and never equipped his daughter with the tools she needs to get through life. It's quite sad, and a great example of bad parenting.

When you coddle your kids constantly, refuse to see them as their own person, and feel the need to constantly prop up their ego, you get people like Jen. Jen should be completely embarrassed by the fact that her father wrote what he did. If she had any self-esteem she'd be furious that her daddy felt he had to come out and publicly chide everyone as if we are all 5 year olds because she got a boo-boo. She doesn't because she is just like a child, and doesn't see her daddy saying what he did as him actually infantilizing her.

This has to be the most pathetic thing I have yet to see. A grown woman being rescued by her daddy. It's a fucking joke, and speaks volumes as to why she can't handle the slightest little bump in the road. She is completely incapable of functioning as an adult. I rather pity her, and that is not a good thing.

Congratulations daddy dearest, and thank you for proving once and for all how completely incapable your little Jen really is.

I am once again amazed, if not disgusted, at these people’s ability to cram so much condescending, wrong-minded, disgustingly ignorant horseshit into so few paragraphs. It’s only too bitterly ironic that this scrap of human detritus deems themself fit to lecture anyone else about parenting, given how they very clearly have absolutely no idea what being a parent actually entails. It’s apparently entirely foreign to them that someone who sees their child confronted with an endless cavalcade of reactionary morons devoted to making their existence a living hell for years on end might just decide to speak in their defense – and even without said child having actually asked them to. But no; to such a pathetic being, the only explanation is that Daddy McCreight is a hopeless putz who can’t help but come to his sniveling little girl’s rescue the moment she laments the cruelty of the hand dealt to her by the big, wide world.

Of course, the reality is that Jen has more moral fiber and emotional fortitude in her little finger than most of these depraved parasites will ever exhibit in their entire lives. She’s the one who, along with other valiant agitators, has the spirit and daring to speak out in the face of all this absurd adversity, to risk her reputation and career (and even her mental well-being) in order to try and call out the severe inadequacies of the godless movement and to demand reform where it is so sorely needed. She’s the one engaging in tireless activism at the front lines of secularism, both online and in the meat-world with various student groups and meet-ups, speaking engagements, goodwill events, various organizational efforts, and other endeavors. And she does it all for the sole purpose of helping others find their voice and continue the tradition of taking up the mantle for those less fortunate.

And it so happens that she has a family that loves and supports her, including a father who did a truly admirable job in raising a strong, independent and clear-minded young woman – and who was outraged enough at the sight of all the shit being thrown her way that he wanted to speak out.

But, of course, he’s the bad parent, and she’s the helpless drama queen who “should be embarrassed” that her dad had the sheer and unforgivable gall to call out the ranks of bigoted jackasses who are ever so uncomfortable with all ’em uppity wimmenz (and allied manginas) pointing out their glaring privilege.

It’s not Jen who has anything to be embarrassed about. All she’s done is devote herself to working tirelessly for equality and fairness. It’s people like WoolyBumblebee and everyone else in their camp of intellectual slugs who who should be lining up for the next boat to the furthest known deserted island. They’re the ones who do their best to thwart any and all efforts at attaining actual equality, to demonize those calling for recognition of glaring issues as man-hating cultists, and to drive allies away in droves with their unending campaign of vicious hate against those who so much as say that their beloved community may not actually be as rosy and all-inclusive as they delude themselves into thinking it is.

Or, to put it all more succinctly …

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