Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fox News: 9/11 proclamation reveals Obama’s lack of God

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One good thing about “Patriot Day” (a name I will only use in quotes) is that it presents yet another opportunity for the dunderheads at Fox News to make fools of themselves in their factually challenged crusade against President Obama:

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GRETCHEN CARLSON: Eleven years ago, after the attack on America, the President calls for a moment of silence, but he does not call for the word ‘God’, so some people are asking, why is God being left out again?

STEVE DOOCY: And on this most somber of days, get this: Does the President of the United States call on people to pray for those lives lost? No; he calls on people to observe a moment of silence and then go out and do some community service. He proclaims today as “Patriot Day”, a national day of service and remembrance, and go perform community service to remember those who lost their lives.

CARLSON: He does say at the end of it that he signs it on the tenth day of September in the year of our Lord 2012, so God is mentioned there. But no mention of the word ‘God’ anywhere in his message to the American people.

It’s ironic that godless Americans can only sigh wistfully at the far-Right’s constant attempts to portray President Obama as some sort of secret God-hating atheist. But as Media Matters chronicles, the reality is that while Obama’s 9/11 remembrance proclamation didn’t explicitly feature the term ‘God’ (following in President Bush’s wake, as the latter never explicitly referred to ‘God’ in his ’06, ’07 or ’08 proclamations, and was certainly never criticized for it), the President also issued another proclamation in the days prior that openly called on Americans to ask for “God’s grace” in their prayers over the lives lost.

But I suppose Fox News was so busy dredging up yet another pathetic and dishonest excuse to smear the President that they simply forgot to mention it.

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