Monday, September 17, 2012

Fail Quote: MA Police chief says drug use is “domestic terrorism”

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Paramilitary police drug raid team

Today’s nugget of Drug War insanity comes from Wilmington, Massachusetts Police Chief Michael Begonis:

“Illicit drug use is a form of domestic terrorism to some extent. It is preying on folks who are more susceptible and who need a better life. And it’s something that we need to deal with head on.”

Following this pronouncement, the Chief presumably returned to his office and later ordered a SWAT team to break into a family home with a battering ram and flashbangs at 3 AM to arrest granny for using marijuana to help soothe her aching arthritis. Household pets may or may not be shot on sight and later declared to have been “threatening” to the submachine-gun-toting paramilitary officers.

Mike Riggs at has more.

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