Monday, September 17, 2012

Doggycide in Sallisaw, Oklahoma

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Bloodied bodies of Sobe and Spade (pitbulls)
Dead Sobe & Spade

And the police’s crusade against pitbulls continues to produce casualties, as this now-former owner relates:

    The dogs had pushed a small corner of their cage back and how they fit their selves through will remain a mystery to me but they did. While finishing the dishes I heard four of the most gutwrenching sounds of my life. I heard a set of two shotgun blasts, a brief pause and then a second set. Boom Boom…Boom Boom! and in that moment my heart literlly fell to the floor. I raced to my back door and screamed their names hoping to see their heads pop out of their dog house but no, I wouldnt see their faces however just beyond the sight of their cage I saw the Animal Control vehicle 200 yards from where I stood and it was then that I knew they shot them.I flew to my neighbors home where the news was delivered that “Yes Mam I was forced to shoot your dogs”

    All I asked was to have their bodies. It took me an hours worth of arguing as well as200 dollars to have them brought to my home. I was met by officers with arrogant attitudes, as if saying to me, you should be thanking me. I stopped your dogs before they killed someone or something.

    Even still arguing with me as to where to lay their bodies, I wanted them laid on my front porch, which meant the officer would have to walk them across my yard getting his uniform bloody. He had managed to shoot them without so much as a single spec of blood getting on him and he wasnt about to get blood on his hands at the end of it. After standing there for ten minutes trying to convince me because I have a small child it would be in my best interest to allow them to dispose of the dogs because it would be distressing to her, I told the officers I believe there is no way around distressing my child.

    As I watched the man first bring Spade to me then Sobe laying them side by side I noticed, these animals are shot in their sides not their face, not their chest! I asked the officer again,”So you shot these dogs in the side for violently charging you officer?” He replied, “Yes Mam I had no other choice.” I told the officers, “These were good dogs and had never bit anyone or anything, this officer was excessive for dogs that did not bite anyone or anything.” His supervisor looked me dead in the eyes and said and I quote, “These dogs were shot primarily for the potential harm they posed my officer.”

At which point the owner was fined, because a good injury always craves an added insult.

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Doggycide Bingo card
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Doggycide Bingo Index

Confirmed hits:

  • Dead Sobe & Spade
  • Cop shot first
  • No apology
  • Owner disagrees that dogs were threatening
  • Police supervisor says dogs posed “potential harm”
  • [Half-point] Owner forced to argue & pay $200 to have the bodies returned
  • Total: 5½/25