Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fail Quote: Fischer says it’s “no wonder” (allegedly) gay Libyan ambassador was (allegedly) molested

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From American Family Association spokesbigot Bryan Fischer:

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BRYAN FISCHER: And by the way, this Christopher Stevens, it turns out that this guy was a well-known homosexual, and Hillary Clinton sent a homosexual to a Muslim country, to a place that executes homosexuals. And she sent him there to represent us. And so, it’s no wonder that he was sexually when they were hauling him out of the consulate and doing whatever they did to him in the street.

Of course, it turns out the late Ambassador Stevens’s gayness is only “well-known” within the far-Right crankosphere, where bigots are tripping over each other to repeat this latest fantasy from Hillbuzz’s Kevin DuJan, a conspiracy nut whose broken gaydar reportedly inspired WorldNetDaily Birther King Jerome Corsi’s present obsession with proving that President Obama is secretly gay.

But hey, I’m sure the rioting mob had much better sources. Why else would they target an American representative with violence, if not to rape and murder the gay out of him?

(via Right Wing Watch)