Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Fail Quote: Dana Loesch sees sexism (but not her own)

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From CNN contributor and Right-wing loon Dana Loesch, writing about the popularity of “Sluts VOTE” buttons at the Democratic National Convention:

According to Roll Call reporter Steven Dennis, the Illinois delegation brought some swag to the DNC:

Tweet by Steven Dennis (@StevenTDennis): “Sluts VOTE button is reaction to Rush Limbaugh/Sandra Fluke. 1K bought by Ill. del, going "like hot cakes" pic.twitter.com/ETmMoe4p” (with photo of “Sluts VOTE” button)

Because nothing says "respect women" like wearing a giant slut button.

Of course, those buttons are intended as a show of support for all the women who are regularly derided as worthless harlots simply for having the gall to demand easier access to crucial reproductive healthcare and, on a broader scale, stand up to those who view women fighting for recognition and equal treatment as threats who need to be drowned out in misogynistic vitriol. Such as with the “SlutWalk” protests, it’s an attempt at reclaiming the term from oppressors, much like how the LGBT community has all but nullified the use of ‘queer’ as a slur.

But, of course, to people like Dana Loesch, calling women (or women calling themselves) ‘sluts’ is totally demeaning and sexist and unacceptable. Unless, of course, said women are actually uppity feminists, in which case they’re totally just sluts – particularly to people like Dana Loesch:

Because chipping in a tiny bit more to help protect other people’s livelihoods and make society a better place for everyone is totes just socialism!!!11!, amirite? (also, slut!)