Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Donohue finds Democrats’ lack of godliness disturbing

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Bill Donohue (President, Catholic League)
Bill Donohue

How tiring it must be to be Bill Donohue. Here he is now, complaining that the Democratic Party’s 2012 platform isn’t sufficiently sectarian to his liking:

Why should anyone be surprised that the mere mention of the word “God” would send shivers down the spine of the Democratic faithful? After all, the same platform says it’s a good idea for two men to get married; the public needs to pay for all abortions; there is no demand that Hamas stop terrorism against Israelis; the public must pay for a healthcare policy it manifestly rejects; the Catholic non-profit community must fork up money to pay for abortion-inducing drugs, etc.

Yes, Bill, we all know you’re a hateful little man with an inch-thick cataract over his moral lens and a terminal aversion to factual reality. There’s really nothing new about that.

I do have a question, though. Donohue has claimed that the Catholic League is only interested in reports that evidence anti-Catholic or otherwise discriminatory bias in the media and politics. So, are we to understand that it’s now considered anti-Catholic bigotry for a political party – in a purportedly secular nation with a founding document that explicitly forbids the entanglement of church and state – to neglect to mention the overtly sectarian term ‘God’ in their campaign goals? Especially given that the platform nonetheless contains more express affirmations of “faith” than secularists can stomach?

One way you’ll always be able to tell when an individual’s squawking about “religious liberty!” is nothing worth taking seriously: when they steadfastly condone the violation of one of their nation’s core values by constantly haranguing anyone who’ll listen to pay lip service to their deranged superstition at the expense of everyone else.