Sunday, September 02, 2012

Doggycide in Walworth, New York

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Duke the pitbull
Duke the pitbull

In which the morale of this story appears to be that it’s never too late to learn about the incompetent thuggery of drug warriors:

On August 15, 2012 Wayne County Sheriff's deputies, along with Macedon, NY Police broke into 75 year old Phyllis Loquasto's Plank Road home in the town of Walworth, NY, forced her at gunpoint to lay on her bathroom floor, screamed at her to close her eyes and stay down, then executed her dog "Duke."

Minutes earlier, Loquasto, who has had three strokes and a knee replacement, was on her computer when she heard loud smashing sounds, then saw what she described as several men dressed in black with masks on.

As she was laying on her bathroom floor Loquasto could hear the men talking in loud voices.

"The dog hadn't even barked, yet I heard one of them say, he's aggressive, shoot him! I'll never forget the sound of that gunshot and the blood flying everywhere. They did all this while forcing me to lay on the bathroom floor, screaming at me to stay down, and holding me at gunpoint. I couldn't get up if I wanted to. I'm 75 years old, had three strokes and knee replacement, and can hardly walk. There was nothing I could do to help my pet."

Unfortunately, Duke died a slow death.

"They shot him with a shotgun in such a manner that he ran around in pain and bled all over the house and suffered a slow, cruel death. There was no reason for this kind of treatment, they killed my dog for no reason. This was the sweetest and most gentle animal anyone could want, I would trust him with a baby."

It’s only after Loquasto was made to wait for an hour in an overheated police car that she was informed the black-clad storm troopers were actually police officers serving a search warrant.

But, hey, don’t worry about it all being for nothing; a subsequent phone interview with the local drug task force commander revealed that drugs were found in Loquasto’s home – in the form of her grandson’s marijuana plants. Which means it was all for a good cause and there’s nothing to see here, so move along, now.

Isn’t it curious how many of these increasingly militarized police raids result in innocent civilians and animals alike ending up as blood-drenched statistics in the ongoing War on (certain kinds of people who use certain kinds of) Drugs?

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(Sidenote: The astute reader may note that the source article at informationliberation – itself reposted from Cop Block – was written by laughably inept copyright troll Davy Vara. Will be interesting to see if I receive any knuckleheaded “cease and desist” emails from him or his “lawyer” this time.)

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