Thursday, August 23, 2012

Daily Blend: Thursday, August 23, 2012 [1/2]

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Tony Nicklinson
Tony Nicklinson

I managed to forget all about posting yesterday’s Daily Blend, so enjoy this double digest edition! (Part 1/2; stupid label length limits. Part 2 here.)

  • Not all evil originates in malice. Mindless adherence to heartless legal principles does the job just fine. (Update: Tony Nicklinson [pictured] finally passed away of pneumonia a week later.)

  • Meanwhile, British “pro-lifer” Richard Carvath devotes 2,700 “love”-filled words to calling Nicklinson a “selfish”, “dishonorable” “coward” and smearing those who wanted him to have the right to die on his own terms as a pro-“murder” “lobby”. Also, Jesus.
    (via @RichardDawkins)

  • Hearteningly positive and insightful write-up about Atheism+ at the New Statesman.
    (via @jennifurret)

  • Guess which virulently homophobic, “traditional values” preacher is now caught in a terribly embarrassing sex scandal today?

  • Once more debunking the patently false claim that nonreligious people are less charitable than believers are. Maybe if poll-takers stopped considering money given to fatten preachers’ wallets as “charity”?

  • Record-setting petty fascism leads an Oklahoma high school to refuse to give top student her diploma because she said “hell” in her valedictorian speech.
    (via The Agitator)

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