Saturday, July 28, 2012

SMBC explains why we aren’t being probed by aliens

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You know who doesn’t want aliens visiting Earth and anal-probing its moderately evolved citizenry? The aliens:

Two-panel excerpt from SMBC comic for 07/28/12
Transcript: (click the [+/-] to open/close →) []


ALIEN 2: You do know the humans are like… 25 light years away, right? It’ll take at least 30 generations to get there.

ALIEN 1: Then our descendents will CONSUME THE HUMANS.


ALIEN 2: The humans evolved separately from us. They probably won’t be tasty or nutritious, and they might be poison.

Go forth and read the rest – and don’t forget to hover your mouse over the red button*. So very true.

(via Pharyngula)

* Wait – a little red button that provides otherwise secret enjoyment if one knows the quasi-secret method for interacting with it? I mean, come on.