Saturday, July 28, 2012

Preliator turns 3! (So take the Preliator 2012 Survey!)

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Birthday cake with three candles and three cupcakes

I feel old, and not only because this little repository of snark and meandering is now 1/6.66th my age (a sign?). I actually managed to skip right past this here blog’s third anniversary last Wednesday the 25th. That’s right – I’m so antiquated, I can’t even remember when my blog was born (despite having written it on my calendar eons ago). Egads.

Compensation is thus in order! Every year (previously around February/March), I launch the Preliator Survey, a simple little questionnaire intended to give me a halfway decent idea of just what kinds of people frequent this particular hole in the virtual world. I decided that this year’s would be offered on Preliator’s blogiversary, and I’d also be moving to the simpler Google Docs platform, which doesn’t limit my question and answer choices (unlike some people). The result will doubtlessly be a bit less shiny and neat, but at least I can now ask all the queries I’ve got in mind. (I’m nosy that way.)

And so, without further ado (and because the darn thing was too wide to embed here, dagnabbit):

[The Preliator 2012 Survey is now closed. Big thanks to all who participated.]

All answers are completely anonymous, and unlike previous years, all questions are optional and most of them include free answer choices (under “Other”), so don’t feel obligated to reply to all questions if you feel some are too personal. Just answer what you can! Any information is just fine.

The Survey will end exactly one month from now (er, from last Wednesday, rather) on August 25. I will keep a reminder at the top of the blog for those who miss this post until then.

Please note that this survey is intended for readers who are at least generally well acquainted with this zone, so I would like for newcomers to please familiarize themselves with the blog and its content before responding, if they wish. I know I have no way of enforcing this, so I simply leave this humble request. Thank you.

Now … who’s up for that cake?

Lolcat: Cake with four candles and cat raising paw: “I'z this many now.”
Four? Cats are the WORST at counting.

It’s been a fun ride so far, and despite the present lull in content-making (Paint Week goes on!), it ain’t over yet, baby.