Monday, July 16, 2012

Pathetic bigoted owner of horrible little blog doesn’t heart me

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So, a couple days ago in my next-to-last post, I wrote about a (now-confirmed faked – more below) screenshot of a sexist comment supposedly written by Penn Jillette, a picture that I casually noted was traced back to some random pothole of sexist idiocy that featured it in a post without attribution or further comment. Well, it seems that said pothole’s owner, Geoffrey Falk, is quite peeved at me for dubbing his bigoted cesspit a “horrible little blog” (which he misread as “terrible”) and really wants everyone to know that he’s totally more popular and awesome than little ol’ moi:

If you missed it yesterday, this “terrible little blog” got pointed to by a “liberal skeptic” out in Baboolie-land … one who foolishly thinks that Ophelia Benson is a “brave woman,” no less.

The same liberal skeptic is “stuck in a rut in Québec [diacritical mark = native French-speaker],” while the author of this “terrible little blog” has written a book which is on Sam Harris’s current reading list.

The same liberal skeptic spends his time “composing, writing, drawing,” but has he created anything even one-tenth as good as my CD, or my EscalatorGate play?

The same liberal skeptic harbors “a layman’s passion for science and technology,” while I work full-time in I.T. as a software developer, averaging around $45/hr.—the fair-market value for my wide range of skills, from hard-core coding to client-facing requirements gathering and technical document creation for sign-off.

The same liberal skeptic “get[s] angry at social injustice,” and detests the libertarianism of Penn Jillette.

Okay, I can’t be the only one who laughed out loud reading that. I’ve seen silly attempts at self-aggrandizement before, but this is just a marvel of its own. When most people realize they have nothing more than ad populum to stand on, they at least have the sense (minimal as it is) to try and make their point about something. All this guy does is trumpet how he’s got a book that some other dude plans to read and how he’s conjured up a CD and found some website willing to sell it. Oh, and he’s got a job in I.T., which I’m sure makes total sense as a rebuttal to what I said – or my little bio – in that Bizarro World of his. He doesn’t even try to critique any of my works (not that they’re stellar, mind you), much less my arguments, which would at least give some hint of credence to all this hilarious posturing.

But the best is the rest:

Tough titties, Frenchie. Go Occupy yourself. (Or worse, go fuck Ophelia Benson. That’ll learn ya.) Spread your own meagre “wealth” around; I’ve worked far too hard for mine to let clueless little frog-fuckers like you steal it “at gunpoint.”

You pathetic, fucking useless little failure.

Holy crackballs, I’ve died and gone back to third grade. You know, you really should stay standing up if you’re that butthurt, dude. Seriously.

Before that bit of ego-wanking, he also went ahead and wholly revamped his original post (with the fake Penn Jillette comment), which (once you skip past the deluge of further masturbatory sniping replete with self-flattering references to more vile attempts at anti-feminism “parodies”) contains about the only useful bit of info ever posted on his blog (which wasn’t even written by Geoff, ironically):

[Misogynistic troll Franc Hoggle, talking about the fake image] Disclosure: some don't seem to be sure about this. I made it at the same time as all the other forged Penn Jillette screencaps were being circulated during TheOutrage.

Thanks for confirming the hoax, Geoff! You’ve made your one relevant contribution to the species. Now slither back under your rock and stay there.

(via Zon (who alerted me to Geoff’s response) and Gene Burmington (who informed me about the modified original post))