Sunday, July 01, 2012

Gene Burmington | The Gay Agenda, or How Homosexuals Want to Destroy America

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The following is a guest post by Gene Burmington.

“TOP SECRET: The Gay Agenda”

I've seen numerous opinions and tenuous experiments basically describing everything from the destruction of American values and weakening of our overall power down to how the intentions of homosexuals are mainly focused on destroying the tenets of Christianity through the alterations of marriage.

The former listed explanations by well-meaning persons ass-backwards fools of religious convictions are concepts worth bearing some discussion, if there are any issues caused by the demands of the homosexual demographic. That is, if there are, which there are not. Pundits railing against these attempts at justice really need to ask themselves certain serious questions before they assert the existence of some kind of nasty hidden agenda by a minority group that badly needs government protections and whom would otherwise be trampled on by people who have neither love nor respect to give for such maligned persons.

The following questions are (reverse the terms if you are a woman):

How would I feel if my wife and I were denied our right to marry despite loving each other very much?

How would I feel if my wife and I couldn't produce offspring due to infertility, and weren't allowed to adopt because of government regulation?

How would I feel if I were bullied in school because I only had one ear or some other birth defect that was out of my control?

How would I feel if I couldn't feel safe out in public because Schizophrenia or some other illness made me appear strange and threatening to persons who might cause me harm from how they perceive me (in Africa, they call these witch hunts)?

How would I feel if I couldn't go to church or engage in any social activity just because I have a tumor or some other medical anomaly, and I felt that the right thing to do was be honest and up front about my condition?

How would I feel if I were not treated the same way as everyone else because of something outside of my own control?

Before you blame homosexuals or blatantly disclose your negative opinion on how you believe they are poisoning America's wells with their hidden covenants, ask yourself those questions and be honest. If one of those fundamental desires up there were an infringement on your liberty, wouldn't you stand up for your equality as well?

Because if your answer is no, then you're either dumb or dishonest, because these are the fundamental rights that most any given American takes for granted. If someone gave the matter all the serious and unbiased thought that it requires, they would realize that we are paving a new road in a similar manner to the way that we removed the blemish of segregation from our lives and made all races equal under the law. Now is the age where we make everyone else so.