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Daily Blend: Saturday, July 28, 2012

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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ [2012] poster

A few quick updates:

1) I’ve synched all Blogger platform comments into Disqus and vice-versa (which resulted in over a thousand notification emails being deluged into my inbox in twenty minutes, holy farkballs), so any comments both past and future left on either platform should also appear simultaneously on the other, in case Disqus ever fails or some such.

2) Relatedly, I’ve managed to fix the long-broken “Total Comments” counter script (bottom-right sidebar), which now informs me this blog has received roughly a third of a comment for every post I’ve published. Huh.

3) A great big thanks to the surprisingly many of you who’ve taken the time to fill out the Preliator 2012 Survey! Seven responses in only a few hours (which is still about 500% the response I got for my last survey). W00t!

4) Finally, I just saw The Dark Knight Rises. A great film and a powerful and fitting finale to the trilogy, though the number of new characters made them a little tricky to keep up with, and the references to the previous films felt a wee bit forced. But again, highly recommended.

And now, your links!

  • The cities of Philadelphia, Boston (or maybe not) and Chicago all declare Chick-fil-A persona non grata over its president’s evangelical homophobia. While the partisan simpleton in me originally smiled, it now strikes me as scary how local governments think they can banish private organizations solely because of the views (no matter how retarded) of one of its executives. Always remember: Free speech cuts both ways, and anyone who doesn’t believe in giving bigots their First Amendment rights doesn’t really believe in free speech at all.
    (via @jbarro)

  • The 4 Most Meaningless Arguments Against Gun Control. Or, why is growing increasingly awesome.

  • Mitt Romney, aspiring Dunderhead-in-Chief. I can imagine their thoughts: “Hang on – this is the bloke those Americans are honestly debating whether to elect as their head of state? Srsly?”

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