Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Texas high school principal doesn’t like the word ‘atheist’

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The Secular Student Alliance group at La Porte High School in Texas recently sent a design for flyers to their school administration for approval. Here’s the response they received from Principal Todd Schoppe:

Flyer with ‘ATHEIST’ and description (“It's not a bad word! It is someone who either believes there is no god (or gods) or has a lack of belief in a god (or gods).”) scribbled out and with added note: “Will not allow this because it could disrupt the education process at LPH.”

I’m not sure which is more revealing – the blatantly discriminatory rejection, the ridiculous declaration that merely the word ‘atheist’ (sans any mention of goals or ideology) would be enough to possibly “disrupt the education process” at the school, or that Mr. Schoppe apparently felt the need to scribble all over it like a three-year-old.

(via Friendly Atheist)