Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Doggycide in Rochester, New York

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Diablo the pitbull

From a series of outraged posts on a now-former-dog owner’s Facebook page:

On Friday night employees of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office responded to the call that there was a house party on Whitney Road. When they arrived there was a car parked illegally in front of a house where a man was watching a movie inside and his dog was outside on the driveway without a leash because he had invisible fencing. The police officer(s) decided to walk up the man’s driveway and shoot his dog for no reason.

The officer said the dog was aggressive, but anyone who knew this dog painted a very different picture. Neighbors said this dog did not even bark that night and there was no reason for the officer to shoot him dead.


[T]he Monroe County Sheriff’s department, under the leadership of Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn, has already started to cover up this injustice committed by one of their own by saying that Diablo, was “aggressive”. It is their way of justifying their actions in their killing of an innocent dog, and a member of Mr. Brockler’s family.

As is often the case, details are too sparse on both sides to get a good idea of what exactly went down, though these accounts will definitely ring all too familiar to anyone familiar with the police’s legendary disregard for household pets.

After all, what possible justification could the officer have had for just strolling into private property and –? Oh, but wait … Diablo was a pitbull!

Well, that explains it, then. The dog must’ve been aggressive at a distance. Y’know, like they all are … according to the cops who slaughter them.

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Doggycide Bingo card
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Doggycide Bingo Index

Confirmed hits:

  • Dead Diablo
  • Dog was in driveway with invisible fencing
  • Cop shot first
  • No apology offered
  • No disciplinary action taken
  • Cop says Diablo was “aggressive”; owner disagrees
  • Neighbors also say Diablo was peaceful
  • Sheriff’s Department baselessly claims Diablo was “aggressive”
  • Officer entered private property without warrant or justification
  • Total: 9/25
    No bingo.