Thursday, June 21, 2012

Teaching robo-ketchup junior

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It’s getting too depressing around here. Time for some Heinz-brand levity:

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Two robots, one bigger and one smaller, both consisting of RC vehicles with a mounted ketchup bottle powered with compressed air, are on a table, spinning their little plastic muscly arms.

The larger robot, Heinz Automato, approaches a plate with a hot-dog, then turns around and aims the ketchup bottle at it. It spins its arms bravely, then starts spluttering a stream of ketchup onto the hot-dog, drowning it and spilling half the ketchup on the table, until the spray is turned to mist as the bottle empties. It spins its arms again.

The second robot, Heinz Automato Jr., approaches its own plate and hot-dog but faceplants right into it, spinning its little arms helplessly as it sends a stream of ketchup in the opposite direction. People are heard laughing in the background.

It’s okay, little robo-ketchup … I’ve heard it happens to everyone.