Monday, May 14, 2012

SMBC on those poor, persecuted, child-rape-covering-up priests

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An oldie (a year old, actually), but such a goodie that I figured I’d post it right here:

“This is what I think when I hear priests quote statistics about molestation:”; priest: “All we did was claim to speak for God and *suddenly* we're held to a higher standard?” [by Zack Weiner @ 05/03/11] | SMBC

I know, it’s, like, a total mystery.

To be clear, though (as if this hasn’t been hammered home quite enough already): The reason secularists are so vocal in attacking the Catholic Church over the clerical child abuse scandal isn’t just because some priests rape kids; after all, child abuse can occur anywhere, and I haven’t seen any data indicating that clergymen are any more likely to bugger minors than any other group. (And no, it’s also not – mostly – because the Church is basically the ideological arch-enemy of secularists.) The real outrage is the systematic and decades-long cover-up, the explicit silencing of victims and constant reshuffling of sexual predators from parish to parish, and the deliberate orders from top church leaders never to report abuses to local law enforcement, thus allowing the problem to continue unabated indefinitely. No other groups or organizations have gone to anywhere near the lengths the Church has to try and sweep the whole mess under the rug for so long. And now, they act surprised when they’re the prime target for people’s ire?

Anyone not sickened to their heart by such a spectacle – or better yet, who spends their time excusing it and attacking the actual victims – should immediately turn in their humanity card and take the next rocket ship into the Sun.

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