Thursday, May 17, 2012

First new banner! [updated]

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The beautification of Preliator continues, now with my first custom-order banner:

As with yesterday’s addition of the purdy new background image, all thanks go to Michael Valenti. The banner has been added in with the others in random rotation, so keep reloading the page until you see it. (Why, no, that’s not a convenient excuse to give me more page views. How dare you suggest such a thing.) Expect more to come in the near future.

That’s right, I’ve got my own personal pet graphic designer, now. Admit it, you jellin’.

UPDATE: 05/17/12 5:09 PM ET —

I’ve gone ahead and created a page with all the blog’s header banners for your viewing convenience. It’s also linked to on the About page.

EDIT: (05/17/12 9:55 PM ET) — Made a small change to the banner.