Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Fail Quote: Sen. Rubén Díaz says Hitler was pro-choice, too

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Sen. Rev. Rubén Díaz (D-NY)
Sen. Rev. Rubén Díaz (D-NY)

From “Senator Reverend” Rubén Díaz (D-NY), taking to his official state website to denounce the pending Reproductive Health Act in his usual colorful rhetoric:

[F]orget about being politically correct by being Pro-Choice. Let me tell you something:

A) Hitler was pro-choice. He chose to send the Jews to Auschwitz. That was not their choice that was Hitler's choice.

B) Murderers, assassins and criminals are pro-choice. They choose to put a gun to your head and take your life. That is not your choice. That is their choice.

C) The baby in your womb will not choose the saline solution that will burn his or her skin away nor will he choose the forceps that will crack his little head off. That is not their choice, that is your choice.

And people actually elected this assclown. Bronx voters must have some deplorably low standards about fair representation.

(via Joe. My. God.)