Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Bill Donohue’s bizarre letter to Jon Stewart’s employers

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“Vagina manger”
Ooh la la!

In which The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue takes his attempt at boycotting Jon Stewart to the directors and management at Viacom, owners of Comedy Central (which airs Stewart’s The Daily Show), with this puzzling memo [my emphasis]:

By now you are aware of the vile picture of a woman with her legs spread, with a nativity ornament in between, that was flashed on the screen of “The Daily Show” on April 16. Jon Stewart likes to call it the “vagina manger.” If you haven’t seen it, just look inside this mailing.

You should be as offended as we are. But if you are not, consider a picture of your own mother inserted there instead. Perhaps you now understand how the 80 percent of the nation that is Christian feel.

If you spent more than ten seconds staring blankly at your screen, trying vainly to figure out what the hell Donohue’s point could be, don’t worry; that’s the normal reaction to such bizarre nonsense. Are naked mothers supposed to be offensive? Is that image some sort of graphic representation of a “yo momma” joke? I don’t think even Donohue himself really understands what his gripe is.

Honestly, it’s hard to imagine how anyone can be so cartoonishly obtuse and survive. Stewart made a point about how religious-conservatives care more about protecting Christian dogma than women’s rights; Donohue reacts by accusing Stewart of besmirching Christian dogma and ignores the women’s rights issue altogether (albeit taking the time to accuse Stewart of sexism – because he aired a photoshopped image of a manger covering a woman’s crotch, when everyone knows bare female flesh is sinful and dirty and should always be kept hidden from view to protect men from their uncontrollable lustful urges).

I don’t think the man could miss the point more blatantly – not to mention make a bigger whiny fool of himself – if he shot a gun while holding it backwards.