Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ray Comfort still doesn’t understand pro-choice

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Granted, there are a great many libraries that could be filled with what Ray Comfort doesn’t understand, but I’ll be a tad more specific. Here’s a recent tweet of his:

And here’s the linked picture:

Woman with baby, holding sign: “PRO CHOICE MAMA”

See, this woman chose to become a mama, which means she’s … pro-choice? Wait a minute …

Allow me to predict that the day that anti-abortionists finally get it through their abnormally thick skulls that “pro-choice” is not the same as “pro-abortionist”, which is a nonexistent position shared by absolutely nobody, is the day that there are no more anti-abortionists by virtue of having grown a brain and developed a sense of human understanding.

(via My Secret Atheist Blog)