Thursday, April 19, 2012

Poll: Most voters don’t care about abortion or gay marriage

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Here, according to the latest Pew survey, is why the Republican Party’s endless regressive schtick just isn’t cutting it with the majority of voters:

Bar graph: “Economic Issues Top Voters’ Agenda” (via Pew Research Center, 04/04-05/12)
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Economic Issues Top Voters’ Agenda

Percentage rating each as “very important” to their vote

Economy: 86
Jobs: 84
Budget deficit: 74
Health care: 74
Education: 72
Medicare: 66
Energy: 61
Taxes: 61
Terrorism: 59
Foreign policy: 52
Environment: 51
Iran: 47
Gun control: 47
Afghanistan: 46
Immigration: 42
Abortion: 39
Birth control: 34
Gay marriage: 28

PEW RESEARCH CENTER Apr. 4-15, 2012.
Based on registered voters.

I guess the far-Right just hasn’t done enough to convince people that allowing gays to marry and women to have control over their own bodies will somehow harken Armageddon.

(via Joe. My. God.)