Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Daily Blend: Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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Trayvon Martin (17)
Trayvon “little thug ghetto monkey” Martin

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  • European Court of Human Rights declares that gays and lesbians have no inherent right to same-sex marriage. This could spell trouble.

  • New Hampshire (Republican) lawmakers try – and fail – to overturn the state’s 2-year-old gay marriage law and return to civil unions.
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  • Anonymous doctor shares some rightful outrage over mandated transvaginal ultrasounds to intimidate abortion-seeking women.
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  • The Catholic Church castrated a number of young abused Dutch boys to “help” their “homosexual tendencies”. But it happened years ago, so who cares, right, Bill?
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  • Least controversial “Atheists” bus ad ever gets rejected … again. Our mere existence really is that offensive. And hopefully, lawsuit-inspiring.

  • [L]ittle thug ghetto monkey”: Fox News commenters react to Trayvon Martin [pictured] case. Beware.
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  • Lawmakers follow the Jack Thompson school of (stupid and irrational) thought in trying to place vague warning labels on videogames touting a bullshit “link to aggressive behavior”.

  • 48 minutes of Itchy & Scratchy.
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