Thursday, February 16, 2012

Smart kids don’t do drugs – they jump off rooftops instead!

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It’s long been established that advocacy groups who rely on shock-value and fear-mongering over appealing to people’s reason are universally terrible at what they do. And nowhere is this represented more vividly than in anti-drug PSAs from government outfits, such as with this video from Above the Influence:

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A teen boy prepares to leave school when he sees other kids smoking a doobie in a stairwell. He climbs past them, runs onto the roof and then starts jumping across rooftops from building to building, watching as other teens consume alcohol and other drugs on the streets below. He finally lands on the ground and starts walking coolly.

BOY (v.o.): Every day, I rise above it.

The lesson, kids: Drugs are dangerous, so you should jump off of rooftops instead. ’Cause Parkour totally isn’t dangerous.

Amazing incompetence.

(via The Agitator)