Sunday, December 11, 2011

PSA: War on Christmas is hurting Christian children!

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After all these years of decent people evil gay atheists promoting openness waging war on Christmas, we are finally starting to see some repercussions:

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Every day, innocent American children are forced to live a lie. Ostracized by their peers, their teachers, and even their president, they’re taught to hide, to remain silent, to keep it to themselves.

This is Madison. Her teacher encouraged her to say “Happy Holidays” to her Jewish classmates, and now, she doesn’t believe in Santa Claus.

This is Austin. Every year, Austin has gotten a new G.I. Joe for Christmas, but now, he doesn’t want one because he thinks it will make him gay.

This is Scarlet. She’ll get everything she wants this year, except the comfort of knowing her non-Christian classmates are going to Hell.

Christmas used to be a time of joy in this country, when everyone, no matter their faith, celebrated the birth of Christ, or just decorated a tree and bought presents and stuff. But now, Jews, atheists and gays are out of the closet, forcing America’s Christian children in. Can you stand by while our sons and daughters are taught that it’s okay to display a menorah alongside the Nativity? Can you live with forcing them to say “Happy Holidays” like fools? Can you really tolerate your neighbors celebrating the solstice?

There is a war on Christmas. A war with no casualties, costs, or any negative effects anyone can realistically claim, but it’s a war nonetheless. Which side will you stand on?

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Mwahaha – victory shall soon be ours! Keep on insulting God’s Gentle PeopleTM by wishing them a joyous end of the fourth fiscal quarter!

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