Monday, November 28, 2011

“Psychic” TV show uses murder victim without family’s consent

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Promo shot for ‘The One’
Promo shot for The One
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Am I the only one who finds this idea for a game show particularly creepy?

THE family of murdered housewife Kerry Whelan is furious with Channel Seven for turning her death into a game on psychic show The One.

Bernie Whelan said his family is distraught that no one from Channel Seven contacted them about using Mrs Whelan’s disappearance and murder as part of the TV show where psychics tried to find her remains.

Mrs Whelan disappeared in 1997 and was murdered by convicted killer Bruce Burrell, but her body has never been found.

"The first we knew of this was on the weekend when we were watching TV and saw Kerrie’s face pop up," Mr Whelan said.

"No one ever contacted us and we’ve always been co-operative with the media.

"They’ve turned Kerrie’s murder into a game show."

You’ve got to hand it to those “psychics”. Even when they aren’t bilking worried or grieving relatives and loved ones, they still manage to come across as a bunch of attention-whoring parasites.

(via The Daily Grail)