Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The world according to Americans

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Being unusually in tune with the average American psyche (because, well, I say so), I can authoritatively vouch for the accuracy of this infographic:

“THE WORLD ACCORDING TO AMERICANS”: Mainland USA = “AMERICA!!!1 WE’RE#1!!!!!”, Canada = “uninhabited”, Alaska = “More America!!”, Hawaii = “More America!!”, Central America = “they do our laundry and lawns”, South America = “coffee comes from here I think”, Greenland = “santa!!”, Europe = “pussies”, Russia = “COMMUNISTS”, Middle-East = “Evil-doers!! (bombs go here)”, Africa = “zoo animals come from here”, India = “call centers”, China = “they make our stuff”, Koreas = “more evil-doers”, Japan = “tvs and cameras”, Australia = “kangaroos”, Antarctica = “cold!”

Though, I do resent the characterization of Canada. Just because most of our population is made up of polar bears doesn’t … oh, wait.

(via @ggreenwald)