Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Help out a fellow exposer of religious insanity?

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OnKneesforJesus’s avatar (crazy Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN)

I don’t usually do this sort of thing, but perhaps due to the lateness of the hour or simply because it’s an important issue, I feel I must ask for your help in rectifying an injustice. Consider it a shameless plug for a good cause.

Many of you who follow generally atheistic and anti-religious blogs will undoubtedly have seen more than a few videos of Christianist nuts doing what they do best, all caught on tape for the world at large to see and mock (or, oftentimes, feel both bewildered and terrified). One of the most proficient producers of these vids is the eponymous blogger at On Knees for Jesus, who regularly posts evidence of Christianity’s amazing mind-rotting capabilities. His material has been reposted far and wide, including here. (Though, I could’ve sworn I’ve posted more than one, but I can’t find any others. Eh.)

Now, naturally, there’s a number of risks that come with the territory of tirelessly exposing influential whackjobs, and for the longest time, OKfJ has been playing hopscotch over at YouTube when one account after another gets terminated due to his videos being repeatedly flagged for copyright violation (a favorite tack of censorial bigots’, made especially irritating by YouTube’s apparent policy of “delete first, ignore later”) and “hate speech” – which is especially laughable and ironic, given how his videos are nothing more than segments showing the raving deluded spout their spiel in their own words. In effect, Christianist zealots are flagging their own material as “hate speech”. The irony would be delicious if it weren’t totally lost on them … and if it didn’t come with such frustrating consequences for those who take the time and effort to post these videos.

And now, yet another of OKfJ’s accounts – the fourth, in fact – has been terminated for the usual reasons. OKfJ is understandably rather upset at this point:

Youtube account terminated again (fourth time)

very stressed out

no donations in last three months
can't type properly.

Stay tuned to see what I do

He has previously expressed how difficult it is to constantly reupload his videos every time he’s forced to start a new account. So, here’s where you come in, folks.

What the guy needs is support, in any way it can be offered to him, so go and make the justice fairy proud. Leave comments encouraging him to go on. Give advice on how to deal with the free-speech-hating trolls that keep knocking his videos down. Send suggestions for other video hosting sites that take the Fair Use doctrine more seriously. And most of all, if you have the ability, please dig around in your coin tray and offer whatever loose change you can for the cause (via PayPal). Consider it financial motivation to keep on exposing the cheaters and the bigots, the dangerous kooks and the deluded weirdos, the generally insane Liars for JesusTM.

His is an important voice in the community, and we cannot afford to lose him over the petty thuggery of those who cannot abide criticism. Help never goes unappreciated by those who deserve it.