Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Kathy Griffin responds to angry Christian letter on stage

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If this had gone on just a few minutes longer, it would easily have ranked as equal to Richard Dawkins’s timeless hate-mail reading. Here’s a short but hilarious video of Kathy Griffin reading a letter she’d received from an offended Christian – right on stage, complete with annotations:

My transcript: (click the [+/-] to expand/collapse →) []

(Note: All apparent or actual misspellings in the quoted letter excerpts are [sic].)

KATHY GRIFFIN: So, I did one of my specials, called “Kathy Griffin Does the Bible Belt” in beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee, and so, I was thrilled. Now, the letter that was waiting for me at the theater is this one, and Bill Maher was also performing a week later, so this guy’s freaking head was exploding. Anyway, so, I’m going to read this letter to you as written – I’m not gonna correct anything. Okay:

I am very surprised, insulted and shock –D, shock-d.


Finding out Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher are coming to Knoxville, especially to this first and historic place.” Did you guys know that? Yeah. Knoxville was the first place on Earth. Evolution? Myth. Darwin? Big liar. Earth started, um, in Knoxville.

They can be comedian …” [confused look] “… but their political views and insults to Christian and other political parties …” [knowing look] Are you registered? “… and Christian –” wait for it “orientated families …” I love the “orientated”. It gets me every time. You know, he probably got all discombobulated and had to go to the libary[sic].

… Christian-orientated families with money and not money …” Yeah. Sometimes people have money, and then they have not money. It depends how they’re orientated. “… and booking them here are really a low blow.” Okay, now, he’s got me there. Considering the amount of gay guys that come to my shows, believe me, there were low blows and high blows … everybody got blown that night, trust me. One way or another.

Also, I will not step a foot in that theater and will prohibit my kids to attend.” Well, that’s a good call, because – a li’l young for the pussy jokes, am I right?

(via On Knees for Jesus)