Thursday, September 22, 2011

“Ground Zero Mosque” opens!

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Too late

It is done: The peaceful Muslims terror-muzzies who’ve been trying to plant a center for Islamic culture symbol of terrorizers’ victory over the infidels have finally succeeded, and the Cordoba House-turned-Park51-labeled-“Ground Zero Mosque” has opened several city blocks away from right next to the WTC site with little to no reaction great secret fanfare:

An Islamic cultural centre close to the site where New York's World Trade Center once stood has opened quietly in spite of scenes last year of vehement protests from those who said the area should not house a mosque.

The opening ceremony for the Park51 centre on Wednesday featured a photo exhibit called "NYChildren", displaying over 160 portraits of immigrant children living in New York.

Oh, ha! Children! Of course they’d go after the young malleable minds of America’s acquired youth and start perverting them right from the start in order to breed future terror-makers! Their evil motives are exposed! And look: They’ve got things like “social and recreational services, as well as word-class health, wellness and educational facilities”. Educational facilities! They wanna turn us all into evildoers!

No place is safe, not when we’ve got cultural centers popping up all around America’s heartland and offering interfaith spas and workshops. You just know there’s gotta be a secret bomb-making class in there, somewhere.

(via @todayspolitics)