Monday, July 25, 2011

D.C. Douglas exposes Andrew Breitbart

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Humoristic voice-over artist D.C. Douglas tackles that bastion of journalistic relevance and integrity that is Andrew Breitbart [possibly NSFW due to some star-spangled penis imagery]:

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NARRATOR: The 21st Century has seen the erosion of American political discourse.

[VIDEO: Bill O’Reilly and guest in heated argument]

NARRATOR: A nation of diversity has been polarized into two factions, Libtards and Repugs, and the media is to blame. But one man is healing America in a big way: by reviving “objective journalism” and amplifying through an “asshole prism”. Andrew Breitbart is uncovering the lies through almost award-winning journalism.

With the help of his [?] boy wonder, James O’Keefe, Andrew the ACORN child slavery plot – [FX: video rewinds] – rather, ACORN’s tax-evasion-for-pimps plot – [FX: video rewinds] – uh, I mean, Congress-was-clueless-in-defunding-them plot.

He followed that up with his painstakingly vetted story revealing Shirley Sherrod’s racist views – [FX: video rewinds] – rather, Shirley Sherrod’s rejection of racist views – [FX: video rewinds] – oh, come on! Uh, revealing the Obama administration’s fear of the Fox News cycle.

But the media elite still refused to embrace the poor, oppressed kid from Brentwood, California.

[VIDEO: Someone asks Breitbart if he is “credentialed? Press?”. Breitbart laughs nervously.]

NARRATOR: Until, that is, a dude on Twitter with a wiener obsession sent Andrew Breitbart a crotch shot. Breitbart rode that penis picture to the top, dragging the media from superfluous stories about war and the economy to a story of grave national importance, and finally, claiming the mantle of accidentally-lucked-into-a-real-news-story journalist.

Andrew Breitbart. [VIDEO: Breitbart says “you’re disgusting”] Elevating the national discourse – [VIDEO: Breitbart yelling ‘Are you insane?’] with the new addition – [VIDEO: Breitbart tells someone ‘you’re the most despicable life form I’ve ever seen’] – to his blog reign of kind understanding. [VIDEO: Breitbart shakes his head, saying ‘I don’t understand what you’re talking about!’] – [VIDEO: Breitbart yells ‘It means nothing!’] – wherever an errant politician’s penis roams, Andrew Breitbart will be on top of it. [VIDEO: Breitbart says ‘put your dick back in your drawer.’]

You know what they say about dicks and assholes [NSFW]

(via Joe. My. God.)