Wednesday, June 01, 2011

What life would be like in Bryan Fischer’s America

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The tireless chronicler of Right-wing nuttiness that is Right Wing Watch now offers us a glimpse at what life in the United States would be like if the American Family Association’s Director of Issues Analysis and bigot’s bigot, Bryan Fischer, had his way [sans links]:

Last week Bryan Fischer announced his support for laws banning profanity and blasphemy and followed that up over the weekend with a Tweet calling for laws banning fornication and adultery:

Tweet by Bryan Fischer (@BryanJFischer): “How to shut down porn industry: pass, enforce laws against fornication, adultery. Every scene = all the photographic proof you need.”

And this got me thinking about what life in America would look like if Bryan Fischer got his way:

  • Muslims would be banned from serving in the armed forces.
  • Muslims would be banned from immigrating to the United States.
  • Muslims citizens would be charged with treason and deported.
  • Muslims would be banned from building mosques.
  • Muslims would be denied all First Amendment protections.
  • Muslims would be prohibited from forming student associations.
  • Muslims would be required to convert to Christianity.
  • Welfare would be denied to African Americans who "rut like rabbits."
  • Medicare and Social Security would be eliminated as "ungodly."
  • Religious tests for serving in public office would be allowed, especially for Mormons.
  • Homosexuality would be illegal.
  • Gays would be treated as criminals.
  • Gays would be banned from serving in public office.
  • Gays and unmarried women would be banned from serving as teachers.
  • Children would be ready for work and marriage at age 16.
  • Married couples would be expected to have a minimum of three children.
  • Bears would be shot on sight.

Sounds like a few countries we hear of quite often, doesn’t it? Only, it’s not Christian supremacists who are in power, there.