Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NYPD cop pulls over cyclist for wearing miniskirt

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Jasmijn Rijcken in miniskirt
Jasmijn Rijcken in miniskirt

It’s the real-life fashion police, protecting us against the dangers of leggy tourists:

Cycling while sexy could be hazardous to city motorists - just ask Jasmijn Rijcken.

The leggy Dutch tourist said she was pulled over by an NYPD cop for flashing too much skin while on two wheels.

"He said it's very disturbing, and it's distracting the cars and it's dangerous," Rijcken told the Daily News. "I thought he was joking around but he got angry and asked me for ID."

Rijcken, 31, was not given a ticket during the May 3 incident, and did not get the officer's name, but was left feeling baffled.


NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne said: "Whether this story bears even a modest semblance of what actually occurred is impossible to establish without being provided the purported officer's name and getting his side of the story."

For some reason, something tells me that asking that police officer what happened that day would only lead to confusion with conflicting testimony wherein the cop did absolutely nothing wrong and Ms. Rijcken was the one who acted all dangerous-like, perhaps even swerving into traffic and playing chicken with semis. Who knows.

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