Tuesday, June 14, 2011

LAPD kick cyclist, forcibly restrain man who filmed them

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Typical story: One minute, this man is filming a Los Angeles bike rally and catches sight of a cop kicking what appears to be a restrained individual. The next, cops rush over and forcibly restrain him for recording their misconduct. Video:

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Man records Los Angeles bicyclist rally with cops standing by on the sidelines. Suddenly, a cop appears to kick a restrained individual. Man with camera hollers in protest: “Oh, oh, oh! What the fuck was that for?!” He then steps back as cops approach, and is then forcibly taken to the ground and restrained while cellphone keeps recording. Cop eventually finds phone and recording ends.

Can we have a cop or two fired – or even sanctioned in any way – for illegal assault and abuse of power, please?

Oh, wait … silly question, isn’t it?

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