Monday, June 06, 2011

Fail Quote: Rep. LaBruzzo (R-LA) compares abortion-seeking women to drug addicts

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Rep. Mark Labruzzo (R-LA)
Rep. Mark Labruzzo (R-LA)

From Louisiana Rep. John LaBruzzo (R), known for advocating that poor women be sterilized, now arguing in defense of a radical anti-abortion bill that would make it a crime for doctors to perform non-critical abortions (including in cases of rape or incest) and making a ridiculous comparison [original emphasis]:

LABRUZZO: I can assure you if abortion is illegal, it will have a dramatic decrease in the number of abortions that take place. Now the opponents in the opposition argue that whether we make it illegal or not, people are going to get abortions. Well, we’ve illegalized [sic] murder and drugs for a long long time, and yet those crimes continue to take place. And it’s not our stance here to say that “just because people smoke pot and break the law or use heroin and break the law, then we should legalize it.” There are many who say we should. But we don’t agree, we don’t think so. We think it’s wrong and it’s best to keep it illegal…This is the pro-life bill. And I think you’d be in a difficult situation if you voted against this bill and tried to convince everybody that you are ardently pro-life.

Because the fact that some people choose use recreational drugs despite them being illegal is obviously a brilliant and entirely logical basis for criminalizing abortion. Or something. Isn’t it?

Trust me, if being against fundamental women’s health services and preaching for the imprisonment of anyone who tries to help them end unwise pregnancies is what passes for “pro-life” these days, then I seriously can’t think of any rational people who would possibly want to be associated with such fetus-fetishizing zealots.